What is the ECN

The European Competition Network (ECN) was established as a discussion and co-operation forum among the European competition authorities for proper application of Articles 81 and 82 of the Treaty establishing the European Community. It ensures efficient distribution of work and effective and proper application of EC competition rules. The European Commission and the competition authorities of the member states cooperate in the ECN through:

  • mutual exchange of information about new cases and decisions;
  • coordination of investigations and dawn raids;
  • mutual help in investigations and dawn raids;
  • interchange of evidence and other information;
  • discussion on issues of common interest.

The aim of the ECN is to build a strong legal framework for enforcement of EC competition law against companies which violate competition rules and the activities of which are in conflict with the consumers’ interests.

The bases of the ECN operation are stated in the EC Notice on co-operation within the Network of Competition Authorities and Common Declaration by the Council and Commission on the function of the Network of Competition Authorities.

The ECN facilitates discussion on competition issues and promotes a common approach of the group of experts in specific sectors (banking, capital markets, energy, insurance, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, professional services, health care, environment, motor vehicles, telecommunication, media, IT & information & communication technologies, sports, abuse of dominant position, chief economists and railways).

More on the ECN at: http://ec.europa.eu/competition/ecn/index_en.html


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